Please make it so enemies can't spawn on you in the mines

You read the title yea lol

I hate it when im about to collect the last nugget and a bat just spawns on me and kills me.

Now just to clarify, already spawned enemies like the maggots spawning on you is fine since you already know that they existed so it was your fault that you died but bats, they just spawn on top of you out of nowhere like, how am i supposed to know that hes gonna spawn there?


I agree

yes post is relatable.

One time i died as i exited the mine as a deep maggot spawned on me

It happened to me yesterday, i was jumping to get last nugget and right when i landed, a maggot spawned lol


GuEeS wHaT jUsT hApPeNeD

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skill issue

Indeed… i never got killed like this in mines and trust me…I’ve done so many mines…