Please report [redacted]

If you see [redacted] (Check SUOMI2 to see who I am talking about) report him for scamming.
Man griefed suomi2 after telling him I didn’t got banned. (If I was getting banned he was getting the world due to having access)
Stole 10pl worth of stuff.

Naming and shaming ?

probably just shaming and no naming, but idk too much

Do you see a name mate?

I don’t know, you mentioned [redacted] specifically for something, but I don’t know

its [redacted] bcs why not

Yeah, and its a name. Pixel Worlds name.

I think [Redacted] Means not to show the name

I think yes
And @Realots its not a player name lol

I had no idea, my fault.

thats huge rip, feel sad for you:(