Poll: Troll GMs

Should troll GMs be illegal?
An example would be something at the extent of being the detriment of the owner, like people making fake giveaways (GMed by someone who isn’t the owner, but reported by the owner)

Troll gm / misleading gms punishable? (explain in comments
  • Yes
  • No

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The ones that are severe and can cause other peopl’es worlds to be rated 1

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People are always going to say things just to get you to visit their worlds so i say no.

this happens to me a lot :cry:

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The only real use to a rating board is for it to show up on top rated worlds, other than that its of no use really.

Yeah but I mean only if its reported by the owner
(and GM isn’t made by the owner)

I remember someone got warned because a person did a gm saying “this person is giving away his stuff” or something, basically a false warning
yes, this should be illegal

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yes those should be ban-able , I have had people global I was doing giveaways and its a mess ngl
for certain reasons under certain conditions I can agree with a YES
for the most part I don’t see why it should be illegal

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Maybe add a ability as a world owner to block GMs from visitors / people without rights that you can turn on in the WL.

The world owner role needs more abilities like a blacklist system and more tbh.

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i Been asking for a wl ban list for 4 years good luck a menu when you use the wl to blacklist players from coming to your world

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the amount of “OMG JAKE HERE OMG COME FASSSST” gms just clog up the chat and block messages by people wanting to buy and sell stuff, its pretty annoying


come here before i **** ur mom and drop game mf you dad **** n*****

Yeah those should be bannable.

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Sometimes I see gms that say mean stuff like this: “If you see this, you are trans”

Like- those dudes have no respect for the trans community and you


Notice how everyone else who voted no doesn’t explain

No because I still want to troll people :slight_smile:

Would get my first ban if this does earlier


Its just like tiny text under an ad

At most, its misleading, but say i GM “giveaway” i never specify what i am giving away, therefore it could be i giveaway you to world loop.

but if its like “im quitting come” an its p2p yeah it be warn prolly