Possibly a new designer :D

I would be really proud to see MrCoffe as a game designer



Possibly a new designer

Nope, as he stated those would only be suggestions.

They’ll probably be forced to use those as they have nothing to show and no one to make anything.

MrCoffee probably knows this.

:coffee: - a businessman


I give him all my luck.

Is he 18 now?

From what I heard, he’s 17
We had a discussion about it

They already got their own custom item. The changes of becoming an actual admin are exponentially higher.

Also, the legal age here for heavily restricted work is 15. Unrestricted is available at 18.

Just have a Halloween Item Design Contest, would solve the lack of creativity.

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yea im 15 and i can work :smiley:

Ye when you’re 17 u can do smaller periods of time instead of full time so he could do a contract for like 1 month even tho hes not 18.

And I haven’t decided to go to Mars. Doesn’t mean anyone is offering me the position.


That literally just proves my point

I’m offering you the position.

All this time I was actually Elon Musk.

Here’s proof.



Depends on how it’s worded really.

If it said something like “I haven’t decided on becoming pw’s game designer” I would assume he was offered the position.

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I love it bro. Would be nice to have some dark purple( or red) - black stuff.