Power Game!

How to play

  1. Think of a power you wanted. Comment it Down.
  2. The first Reply will be the side effect of that power.

Cond: Invisiblity
replied: The power wore off if you open your eyes.

Power: The power to remove any side effects

Side effect: The power is inactive when awake

I assume I need to add another power though, so:
Being able to morph into any form which is equal to or smaller than your current self, i.e. becoming a microwave assuming you weren’t just born yesterday

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You can morph into anything.
Side effect! You can only hold the form for 2 minutes and whatever you turn into is the color blue.
My turn: My crappy power would be able to detach my arms for no reason what so ever.


I hope I’m allowed to go twice
Side effect:
You feel the pain from your arms detaching but it’s not actually damaging

Another power:
You are able to extend your neck as long as you want, like a giraffe

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Just for fun I want to comment again.
You can stretch your neck but it’s as limp as a wet spaghetti noodle
You have the ability to glide like having a wing suit. ;-;

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I’d choose as a power invisibility

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side effect: you have omnikinesis

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Heres another, immortality/invincibility that you can end any time you want

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Side effect: you can control time at will with 0 repercussions

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I don’t think you are doing it properly

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naw naw he never specified that the reply had to be from someone else

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Side effect: it didn’t take any damage.
(I don’t get the game :sweat:)


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The power to have infinite powers

Here’s one
Power: theme music
Side effect: everybody can hear your theme

You have infinite powers but it takes 23 days to power each one up
Infinite meaning every power?

Side effects from theme song: Instead of the pixel worlds’ theme song, unfortunately. The Growtopia Update song was played.

-1 hp lose after listening to the song
(------------------ 99 HP)

Power: Social Butterfly
The Side Effects: With this butterfly, the social butterfly. has an infinite words to say this you can’t escape it until you die. Gives CRITICAL Hits if the opponent is a boy because he butterfly has the ability to simp off boys.

I guess (2000000000000000)

You say that like the Growtopia update theme isn’t an absolute BANGER. No matter how much I dislike the current state of the game, I’ll always love the music in it, it’s one of the most nostalgic things about it.


It’s just a game man