Private Message System

I’ve noticed there’s not a private message system unless you have someone in your friend list

Using growtopia as an example, not as a comparison I would presume it’d be a good idea to implement a private message system to communicate with people who aren’t on your friend list.

I suppose a good situation is when doing trades or helping out players temporarily and you don’t want the option to add them, if they ever leave the world or the worlds overcrowded there’s a way to privately message them about issues, problems, trades?

Not too sure how difficult it is to implement these kind of things but since growtopia were able to do it, a similar system could be considered as I know many people suggested the benefit or require this within game, many thanks!


Would be much easier to contact world owners if you wanna buy a world, it’s impossible to contact a world owner for almost any world.


Agreed. Besides this it would be great to have several tabs for world chat, broadcasts and private messages to prevent spam. As well as options to disable communications.
Another thing that would be great if the chat would be still visible after leaving the world and entering another.


Or you can just use a Guestbook. :slightly_smiling_face:

about 1% of all worlds have a guestbook

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Then put a Sign too, where it says the "OWNER"s Instagram name and then you:

  • Text the person on Instagram.
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about 1% of worlds all worlds have contact information
edit: probably way less than 1%

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I understand what you’re trying to say, very creative ways to compromise but at the end of the day it would be way easier to create a system to message people by a click than to create social media platforms for communication, have items that allows people to write and communicate through (bare in mind different time zones, different times you’ll get on), suppose if you have the time to do those things it’s great but however, if it’s a fast simple thing private message is very convenient


I haven’t been playing for a very long time but i love the game a lot.
The only thing that i don’t like is the private message system and i’ think it should be improved and extended to all players even if outside your friend’s list.
I’d also be bery happy if it could have implemented the features that CrowsClaw said.


I would like this feature :+1: