Problem with a Purchase? Do this!

Currently our game engine Unity has a problem. Because of this some players are not getting their in app purchases. In these cases we have to give them manually until Unity itself fixes this. If you are one of them or you know someone who has this problem tell them to do this:

Send an email to our support. Address:

  • Write them your in game name to the message
  • Write the GPA code from your receipt to the message

And that’s it! You should be getting your purchase within the next 24 hours! Normally much faster! :wink:


Good to know. but you should read into my latest post. its really important for me

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Well jake, when its gonna be fixed :confused: and also check my post about Jester Set pelase :d


There is a fix for this in the android play store! Go and download the latest update from the Google play store! :smiley:


Jake I buyed the 200k gems and the jet … but I didn’t get the gems or jet but it took my money what to do help or respond :pensive::cold_sweat::pleading_face:

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Help me I spend so much money on it help me please

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no one knows to read and scroll up

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Haven’t got a GPA Code, but the money s gone from my bank account.

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Oh yeah, at the fourth day of Merch items, i bought Blue Flaming Head and i got it without any problem. Don’t know how people can’t get it, just ask for refund or message to support. None would like to lose money. MONEY IS ROBUX DONT LOSE UR ROBUX!!!