Problem with Public User Last Online API

The more I play PW recently, the more I find out. Turns out “World Hunting” is a whole automated process.

People use cheats to do it. Users like “Linkplayas” & his team use cheats/trainers to check owner’s last active dates, then stay in that world for hours when theyre about to decay and after the world decays, they use automated world claimer feature in the cheat to lock the world the first. This may not seem like a big issue, but it really is. They get ANY decently-named worlds with any considerable items in them, such as @SIS which, as they said, will decay today (April 10th), it has more than 2 million Bytecoins in items laying in them. If you want to catch them doing it, go to the world in around 8 hours from the time i post this.
Thanks for reading, hope something is done about this.


I actually was the only person that knew “SIS” would decay due to it having a decayed small lock over its entrance portal , sadly I will most likely not be able to obtain it as it seems

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yeah, this sucks. this is a huge problem. they don’t seem to think it is. stopped my world hunting because of this.


update on SIS:
a mod has locked the world

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Yep, hope this is what happens to all of the rare worlds.