Profit for kokuri

I just wondering if pixelworld corp delete gems from shop and change in to bc. I think corp will got much profit from this. And no ever will buy bc illegal. If they still buy ilegal, the price will be very cheap and the seller wont sell bc again.

Yeah but the ekonomi will inflation. Cuz to much bc owner. And i thinks this really bad option

But how if the pack vip is cheaper? if target corp buyer is indonesian zone.
Indonesia really like cheap item in the game. Of course me to. I buy idr/rp 3000 to get just 11 diamond in moba game. But with 11 gems i can get best dealer item. On big event i mean haha.

More cheper more buyer. Haha i just wondering. Sorry for say nothing moderator and reader​:pray::smiley:

that would cause everyone to panic and items will inflate without an end which is terrible for the game’s health

black market byte coins are 100k/$1 and even cheaper while in game shop according to gem to byte coins rate it would be 62500 bc for over $50

100k for 1$??

You can’t be serious :skull:

byte coins are worthless, what i mentioned was the most expensive price currently

Hmm, there are players buying 25k/0.45$. but nobody sells for that, so for a $ you get around 50k

where specifically? cause i know rates are more exp in places like the philippines

I think the sellers price is usually around that, for even saying 70k/$ seems exaggerated. Gt’s DL is around 0.35/$ and pw has higher than that.

when is your birthday ?

um, is it mobile legends…

But i think,deleting gems wasn’t a good idea, since, if everything is bc, everything would be very cheap or expensive at the same time