Punishments on PW?

Unlike GT, PW has only two punishments: Bans and warnings.
However, sometimes, people might spam inappropriate stuff in the chat, and chat only (no scamming or stuff).
But why ban them from the whole game when they are only annoying in chat?
This is why I suggest there being a muting system, where if the spam filter catches you too many times, you get muted for 1 day.
Moderators can also mute you for longer durations.


I don’t think it’s up to us to judge, but it’s literally in the game’s rules: having a hostile attitude, bullying, racism, etc… can result in a ban. Also I don’t think that you get banned right away, you’d get a couple warnings, the ban would be for a repeated offence.

I feel like the warnings for such violations should be just mutes instead.

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If the spam filter functions anything like it did in Growtopia, then it isn’t worth it.
Growtopia’s spam filter was an absolute nightmare to deal with, and 90% of the time, the spammers that the filter was introduced to stop were basically the only one’s who didn’t get punished.

You get a warning if it’s your first time spamming.

If you are spamming chat the ban is a more effective method. As it stops you from doing it for what ever length was given (more time the more strikes/warnings you have.) and if they were to continue it on an Alt, it will only make matters worse as it’s ban evasion.

It’s not hard to follow the rules.

I spammed the chat. No warning/ban.

It also depends if you get caught doing it. Most of the time people will just mute you themselves.

First, you shouldn’t compare it to GT, think of it as a game on its own
Second, being annoying in chat won’t get you banned, spamming will.
If being banned is the punishment, players will avoid those acts like spamming since they will have actual no access to the game or to their accounts until the ban timer ends.
If they are just muted, they could spam, get muted, then continue playing on until the mute timer goes off. ( can possibly be fixed if 3 mutes=1 ban)

It’s been talked about but really people already do things to try and get warned or banned just to “see what it’s like” or a constant question us moderators get us “can you ban me for 1 minute”. I really don’t understand it myself but in the long run people are going to do things to try and get muted. Then comes other factors with how different moderators handle things differently. We’d deal with a lot of “why did this person get a mute 2 weeks ago for saying this and I got a ban/warning”.

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I can agree with this.
(I’ve asked for a ban in the forums)
And yes straight up ban better since mods are the ones who determine the punishment duration and such

It’s reliant on if someone reports you for spamming

I suggest we get a new form of punishment : spanking

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ehm… Don’t know what to say to this…

Sometimes I write so fast in-game, it tells me to slow down in the chat as if I were spamming, lol.


I forgot that was even a thing, sometimes it happens to me too, but very rarely.

I disagree about the mute, I know it isn’t bad but peoples will just see the mute as some kind of achievement or something to flex and that will make other ppls trying to get muted.

If something as small as spamming only gets you muted, more people will be likely to ignore the rules. I wouldn’t mind playing the game and not being able to speak. Bigger punishments such as warnings/bans generally make people try and obey rules out of fear of punishment.

You can’t flex a mute if you’re… muted.
(Not saying I agree with the feature, I’m just playing around.)