PVP tournament suggestion

PVP hasn’t been updated in years, it would be cool addition to have tournaments and stuff, heres my take on it

It will have a random matchup system like in card battle tourneys, you can select different types of gamemodes, 5v5, 1v1, and 2v2, where you have teams or you go solo. You go to a hub world which will be like an event dynamic world where you go to when the tourney is happening, you select a gamemode and get matched up with random players.


How many kills and wins you have determines your place in the leagues (like card leagues, novice, ruby, etc) each time you get into a new league you fight with players from that league, and you get a prize every time you progress.


When you enter leagues you get items, not gems, not bytes, but cool accessories which are random every tournament, there will be 200 randomly rotating items, you get 1 item for each league. Each league has its own rarity, novice = common, elite = legendary etc. the 3 winners of the tournament will get 300k gems for top prize, 200k for 2nd and 100k for last

Problem with 5v5 is that you can’t choose team members so when coincidentally there’s 4 fairly new players in your side and there’s coincidentally 5 full 134 armor tryhards going against you, it’s quite big waste.


oh, i should add a no armor rule, ill edit the thread.

But armors would be useless in pvp then which kinda ruins the point of it, there’s really not much of strategies to go with if you have no weapons or armor

The leagues will filter out bad players though, so its not an issue either way lmao.

Tbh i prefer something new and better instead of complicated systems.

We have enough competition’s in game already and I don’t think we would need another one already, we got card tournaments only few months ago

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This is unfair to people who wanted a pvp update, this is not a card update. this is a PVP update.

Many people prefer quality of life features and new dungeons rather than another tournament system.

Pvp tournament system is most likely gonna flop like card tournaments, only bunch of people keep playing it after first excitement is over.

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I never said when the update will be released, its the developers choice, they could do it after or before dungeons.

I just quoted and replied to that. Don’t repeat a point.

Releasing date doesn’t really affect whether feature is gonna flop or not.

Its just a suggestion, I dont know if it will flop. People didnt want a card update, people have always wanted a update to pvp, so who knows, it probably won’t flop.

It was back when CK was in charge.

What difference does it make, uh I don’t understand your point.

CK wasn’t communicating with community at all and so he added features he wanted. never listening community’s thoughts on it which is probably reason why so many previous new features have failed.

Oh, yeah I agree. So maybe it will be different

My point is that pvp could be reworked differently than with just another boring tournament system.

What if there was a pvp addition AND a tournament?

Eh, maybe, it’s up to devs after all how they would rework current pvp system.

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