PW discord is back in the old rails

Look, I get it. Starfire was a problematic mod, but in her first days, you could ACTUALLY get a PW discord ban revoked by just making an honest appeal.

She was practically the only reason why I even got unbanned from there.

Now that she is gone, scary triangle man is RESURGENT again with his rampages and again banning people for completely nonsensical reasons. And no, appeals are not accepted.

The unbanning was like the only good aspect of Starfire.

Now we have Starfire ver. 2.0, which isn’t a Discord mod so she cannot revoke discord bans. I’m not talking about the Pin drama right now, but forum threads keep being locked for no reason, like back in the Starfire regime.

When @sMiiki stood up and made a thread that talked about these locks, it was silenced and locked again - again no explanation.

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After the post I made, RetNos actually stopped locking posts for no reason as far as I know. He never did an official statement about the issue but I think he stopped locking posts for no reason.

Okay, maybe not for “no reason”, but she definitely keeps locking them when she says that “Discussion’s over”. Never before in forum history had threads been locked once mods thinked that the discussion was over, rather locked if it broke some kind of rule.

Threads just naturally died out without any sort of mod intervention.


im pretty sure retnos is a she


a he that wants to be called she or at least “they”

They’re trans respect them >:(

I remember people talking that Aldople was too strict and stuff, when starfire was discord moderator everyone wanted Aldople back as server was way more peaceful and there was no annoying people.

Also you forgot that you can dm kaluub & zithii for appeal as they both are also new discord mods.

Norman would occasionally lock threads that had concluded in conversation if I remember correctly.

They usually take up appeals with Aldople as he is the senior discord moderator.


I liked her emojis and discord setup. Irly miss set showcase and profitnor lose

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Please use she/her when talking about retnos…

It’s pretty rude to not use pronouns someone is asked that you use…


Please don’t reply something that doesn’t add to the discussion. It’s pretty rude to reply something entirely off-topic


As I said, they were breaking the rules. They were also talking about things that shouldn’t be discussed in the first place. You’re only saying this because you got proven wrong by many people like me. tbh you’re lucky that you’re not banned yet.