PW Forums title nowadays

“Dead Game”
“The Game is dying”
“Pixel world is dead”
“Pixel world will dying”

The form of entertainment is biologically inactive

“Good god I love caramel corn”

“I kiss men men boys men”

“he just like me fr”

I mean what do you expect, the game is not updated, deflation drops some items and later rises them back( price stays the same mostly) even Siskea left and gave the rights to some random mod called ‘’ Lokapsi’’ just sad

You know that lokalapsi has been on the team longer than siskea right? They are currently experiencing some issues with unity and the google play store, though it would be nice to have better communication, but oh well
The whole og team pretty much left the new team in the dust, we can’t really blame the new devs for that

Never heard stuff that lokalpasi has been on team longer than siskea, since half of pixels worlds players dont even know who she is, but if you say so then ok

everyone knew about lokalapsi since she started working for kukouri bruh, and she’s been the oldest dev since the old team left

No one knows her, she doesn’t even have admin badge on forums, or any other social account where we can find her.

Clearly you mean just yourself when you say no one …

Your post reads like a true noob!..

Personally I never thought Siskea was up to the job given to her following Jake leaving such a huge hole to fill.

For me lokalapsi isn’t in the game enough. But it is what it is.

The game has been desperately short of mods for a long time, maybe I’m asking too much of any one person :thinking: that is not her fault either …

PW hasn’t used social media or videos properly since Jakes demise …

A strong person with a passion is needed for that anyway - which is why I said what I did re Siskea. In her own words she said it wasn’t her thing anyway

Do you really believe you can contact admin for meaningful dialogue? No one person can handle the volume of contact that is out there.

The weekly cTalk is actually a good idea shame i can never seem to get there !.

I miss @RetNos … Who also posted a regular link to cTalk if you missed it …

“I got scammed” “I got hacked”

Dude don’t even mention me in the same breath as scammers - that I am most definitely not

I hate them … some weeks a day doesn’t pass when an idiot is trying to scam me . I’m sick of it…

Especially those who prey on young players trying to get what is often their weekly pocket money spend on a mobile game … these lowlifes should be banned from living !

Rant over

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I think there’s something important we have to discuss on on the forums here.

We have to discuss banana prices.

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so… whats the official price for a banana rite now?

One of the main reasons i stopped doing the threads is… it was a bit spammy imo. Dosen’t change the fact that i’m still doing the recaps and post them.

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i agree, we should do it in Dead forums