PW Mining Challenge - Everytime I get hit

This is my first high effort PW vid so uh yeah
Rate the video if you want


pretty bad quality (you should just zoom in-game instead of doing it in editing software it makes the quality alot worse)
text goes away too fast
video randomly frezes
you tried way to hard to be funny and adding constanly dead memes

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It was for the first section since it required a slowly-zooming effect, after that I zoomed in-game. I can actually admit that the first zoom sucks

I honestly already tried to make it not to fast and not to slow, I think the speed is fine (Cause if I make it slower there would be more people to say it was too slow :skull: )

No it doesn’t?

I guess my humor is a bit different than yours :grimacing:
Afterall if I didn’t add those memes the video would be bland

the thing is speeding up the music and adding explosions like what the ?

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I honestly don’t know how to reply to that, I mean I just sped up the music because the video was also sped up to sync up the stuff

And the explosions are just there so uh that’s it

no the constant among us stuff

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Already said it in the description :sweat_smile:
So yeah if you don’t like among us, you don’t like among us, it’s not like I can do anything about a video I already posted


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