Pw2 exist now?

I don’t even realize pw2 is already exist-

Idk but the game looks pretty cool i guess? But the physics: :skull:


Trash game. Pw is much netter.


That looks like garbage. Not even a game.

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Why are you so hateful over this bruh lmao. You’re comparing a closed pre-alpha to a game with over 5 years of development :skull:


That’s my opinion, it’s taking players from pixel worlds which they originally made. Also the game’s graphics look like cocomelon to me, and people know that i have strong opinions of stuff and i won’t listen to others. It’s my choice to not like it and it won’t be changed by other people’s opinions. Yes i know that judging pre alpha things isn’t good but still, it’s my opinion.

Social First game will gain the main audience at the expense of the death of their first project,

Also we can only guess where the $2.5 million will be spent.

Yes, everyone knows it looks like Roblox cocomelon Fortnite worlds. But maybe next time use constructive criticism, instead of shouting your “opinion” as if it’s just a hard fact

Nah the game looks pretty bad, for me it just looks like fall guys x pixel worlds simulator, But I guess it’s not fully released, overall I don’t think that game will be that good as PW🙂( But that’s just my opinion)

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In short it’s too early to judge imo.

The only way it will surpass PW is if it can match and more all of PWs multi faceted game play …

Clearly it’s possible but i have my doubts…

At least they have the creation of PW behind them so if any group can do it it will be them …

Also CK has said pre alpha Ii won’t appear until turn of the year … then there is beta and full release … So not anytime soon!

For all these reasons i can’t really be bothered with it yet…

It’s reported that this game will ultimately trade with real money… There are a lot of kids out there who simply won’t be able to do that…and a few more who won’t want to

Time will tell , best of luck to them


its pre-alpha, its not even near to being a full game

It could’ve been 3 years later.