PWE Familiar

We all know how annoying it is to go to PIXELSTATION just to check if your items have been sold on PWE. Well, worry no more, I got you covered. Introducing: PWE Terminal Familiar.


The PWE Familiar can be bought from the Shop for 200, 000 Gems and is untradeable.
This is how it normally looks like:

When you sold something or your order has been fulfilled, an exclamation mark will appear:

In order to access the PWE, you have to use the Wrench Tool from your inventory:

I hope this will be added at some point since it saves time for many players. Thank you for paying your attention.


Much needed QoL feature. It’d be so useful everywhere.


Sounds expensive
Maybe for a VIP prize or event prize? Because the PWE is already sold in the shop, to be in the familiar section it would probably have to be sold for much higher. Maybe PW should do a familiar design contest and it could fit as a community item? This sounds like something I would need though haha

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The point is that it’s untradeable though, so it’s meant to be available at all times. Could be made from something like 10 PWE terminals and some gems at a demon altar too, albeit untradeable

It would be better if everyone could have access to it in my opinion, everyone deserves some time saving and not just people who payed for the VIP. And it really doesn’t have to be a familiar, could just be an inventory item that just sits there but yeah. The price is also negotiable, I just used the 200k gems as a placeholder.

This late after PWE has been implemented though, the shop item would be absolutely useless. Once this is implemented, people would never use brick and mortar PWEs again, so it would have to be a limited item or an absurd price that you have to grind for like 500k or 1mil like the bazooka blueprint. Just my opinion though.

Nice idea! It also would be great that there could be more familiars, (and hopefully, more accessible ones) that gives you extra perks in the game, not only just for cosmetics.
Just like the Baby Fire Wyvern, that gives you a perk while mining with no light.


too exepensive lol we will just use normal pwe if its 500k

The point that it is untradeable should still make the prop useful for newer players, and even then it’ll still cost quite a bit to get

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Would be good if older familiar could have a perk too to make it fair (Ofc we need to suggest what perk that fit).
A lot underrated familiars tho and some ppls just use familiar to finish their achievement.

We all want a portable way to check the PWE without physically being next to one, but a familiar having that power sounds a bit strange, just a special item like a mini-phone or a special tablet seems better.

I think the shop item is VIP exclusive though. So newbies would have to get VIP (though easy to obtain early on) and spend 75k gems.

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Gem familiar can guve more gems

What a strange use. I’d buy it.
Will there also be a PWEie with a face? :rofl:


I tried to add a face but it just started to look like Kaluub’s Minecraft skin, so not this time lol.


Right, it is VIP exclusive but it is only 49,000 gems. And yeah, VIP isn’t too hard to earn for free, but people can also purchase terminals from other players. The point would be to have a useful familiar (whether it’s bought from the gem shop or any other way) that is fairly expensive and untradeable to make it more of a reward. Hopefully this makes sense, haha

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That’s sounds fine. As you are saying, maybe the community could suggest the developers to give every existing familiar a tiny perk related to the familiar that could be useful. Even the tiniest perk would be enough.




Yes, that one :slightly_smiling_face: