PWE PriceGuard System

This is a suggestion that I have posted in the PW official discord and seem to be well received among the community judging by the vote turnout.

As we all know, market manipulation especially using PWE price history system is easy considering anyone with two devices and two accounts are able to fabricate virtually every item that they can get their hands on. At first, this may not seem to be an urgency considering that the frequency of this happening was relatively low. However, particularly lately when more people seem to be using Byte Coin (as indicated by the decrease valuation of World Lock), this method becomes more enticing for this group of players to abuse the flawed mechanism.

The impact of this is, soon or later, player base losing faith in the highly useful automated price tracker that is supposed to never lie and be reliable at any time. This may also lead ultimately to players neglecting the use of PWE due to its highly risky situation with everyone tossing price value of any items sold through PWE.

Proposed Solution:
A great and efficient way to fix the flaw in the system is by introducing “1-hour PriceGuard” system. Any transaction fulfilled (seller -> post items -> bought -> consumer) within 60 minutes of posted time may not reflect on the Pixel Worlds Item Price History. This virtually prevent players from abusing the loophole with the current system as they would have to wait for one hour if they want the ‘fake price’ to be reflected on Price History on that specific item. By creating a window of one hour, every other player who monitors or is looking for that specific item may snatch the item and get it for a significantly low price without harm to the actual price valuation since the ‘incredibly low price’ is not to be reflected. This, not only safeguard the market value integrity but also, serves as a punishment for people who attempt to manipulate the market for personal gain regardless of the harm it leaves for the community.

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The solution wouldn’t work since people fake prices in the order section. But you are correct, inexperienced players could easily lose a lot of world locks. (and by a lot I mean A LOT, up to 200 platinum locks)

That is true. I completely forgot about order section. If this were to be true, which I do think it is, then I say we do not even include the price from transaction done from order system.

Should have Warning if under 70 % of AVG Current average price Simple RED Warning specially would help new players

This wouldn’t really prevent people from doing a fake rise, because the person trying to inflate the price would be listing it above what it’s actually worth. Because of this, nobody would actually buy the item, which would keep it protected while they wait for the hour-long PriceGuard to pass. It would certainly stop people from trying to drop items in value though, so this system wouldn’t hurt, either way.

This doesnt increase this when new player is setting items way too Cheap , if someone tryes control market … its impossible even you would have millions bytes. u are always competing against 10 000-30 000 players who are accessing PWE !