Queen Bee Mask

Name: Queen Bee Mask
Info: With this Mask you are the king/queen of the bees

Hope you like it. Like for more art.

I give all the rights of my item design to Kukouri Mobile Entertainment ltd. to use it as they please in their games/social media or in any other form of media

It is a bit scary, hehe.

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Queen Bee Mask 2: Electric Boogaloo

OOf he just copied it lol

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Its inspiered and not copyed copy but thats your openion and i respect it

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seems more like a copy-paste to me, compared to the Terraria version and yours(less detailed).

the horns should be atlest stright up, this bee’s face looks like suffering after losing wls in a drop game :joy:

’ any item effects? ’

The thing is this was my first Pixel art and if you know anything about it its impossible to copy paste something cause these have less pixels then an Pixel worlds caracter and it was hard for me to draw this. If you think its that easy then draw an compleetly new mask and send it here.