Question about fishing

I was thinking about changing my fishing set since I made it randomly a long time ago. Today I made a list about all fishing gear and eliminated the ones I felt wouldn’t be good enough. In the list I removed items with slower fish speed and lessening fish runs because I don’t need those, I can catch huge fish without them. Now, here is the list:

Seadog Beard - Strike Time Extender - (Face) - Extends the strike duration
Rodster Net - Strike Time Extender - (Hand) - Extends the strike duration
Pro Fisher Suit - Strike Frequency Boost - (Jumpsuit) Makes Fish Strike More Often
Snufnomad Hat - Strike Frequency Boost (Hat) - Makes Fish strike more often
Bubble Pipe - (Face) - Increases the chances of catching ingredients
Fishing Amulet - (Neck) Removes lures getting stolen
Lucky Hat - Increases luck? (Hat) Increases luck
Rodster Sandals - Reel Drag Boost - (Shoes) - Boosts reel drag
Fish Shoes - Minimize Fish Runs - (Shoes) - Lessens the dangerous fish “runs” while fishing

My rod is titanum flawless

But now I have 2 questions about this,

  1. What does the lucky hat do? How does it increase the luck? I need this information so I can decide which hat I will buy (Lucky Hat or Snufnomad Hat)
  2. What does “Boosts reel drag” mean? If I knew then I would know if to choose Fish Shoes or Rodster Sandals
    Also if you think this list isn’t good, could be improved, please let me know.

Hopefully I’m not asking for too much…

Thanks in advance!

No one really knows for sure if the lucky hat does anything. But some people say it does. Maybe if you can buy it for cheap you can test it.

Oh, that’s interesting. I guess I could buy both of them just to test it.

Many have claimed that the Lucky Hat increases the ingredient frequency. I doubt that’s the case.

Reel Drag Boost makes it so that the green bar thing (when you’re trying to catch fish) faster. It’s so that you could chase the fish easier, if I’m not mistaken.


Hmm, but then there is this description “Add a boost to reeling speed when fishing” I thought that meant the thing you said. But that description applies to Snufnomad Scraf which I am not using so I think it’s fine.