Question bout wheel of fortune

Does anyone know the chances of getting 5 star=wyvern in % or atleast a number, like, all 200 coins u should get a wyvern or something like that.

About one in 5k-10k I think.

i think its excaclty 0.5% because i play roblx simulators and i hit the 0.5% chance in every 2000 boxes gettting 1 mythical prize. simmillar to mining wheel, i spun the wheel 1700+ times and got a wyvern. combining my achivement progress in my main and alt 1000 + 700

0.5% is only 1/200, which seems quite high to me. Do you mean 0.05%?

no. i think its really 0.5%(1 in 200) cuz i just saw 4 air wyvern users in pixel mines recently, 1 user has a 2 day old wyvern and there is wyvern for sale just rigth now in pwe and its age is 6 hours

But you would’ve gotten 8 or so wyverns, no?

RNG is sometimes brutal. Example: maybe in 50% chance of finding item in chest, you might end up opening 100 chest and still not get any item.

I can agree too but I just think that 1/200 is too high, that’s all. When plenty of players are mining and getting wyverns, it makes sense that there’ll be a few a day.

You are 100 percent wrong oxejkxo

It is in no way 1 in 200 that is beyond ridiculous some players have done 5000 mines (zygora) 0 wyverns on average he would get 20 but he got 0

That is the equivalent of flipping a fair coin 50 times and getting heads every single time

1 in 2 do 50 times is equivalent to 1 in 200 500 times

I would hazard a guess that we would have 1000 wyverns in game if this was true

OK here is my proof go to youtube search spinning mining wheel there are around 30 videos most of them are spinning 200-1000 times mine coins not a single one resulted in an air wyvern.

PW isn’t roblox

Don’t compare them


Think of it this way
There are over a million PW players

lets say half of them mine

Now if its 0.5 as you say
there would be 25k wyverns(Pretty sure there are more wyverns than SWG, so why is it more expensive than swg?)
I don’t think there are that many bro

500k players
ofc some of them are gonna have them but obviously not every time
u can find lots of videos of youtubers spinning wheel endlessly but not getting it

Wow, right roblox simulator are very similar and accurate to pixel world
sry bumb btw