Question for the devs

Hey there dev team! As a dude who’s been playing this game for over 2 years now, one thing I have always wondered is how you can manage the game to keep running all 365 days, for 5 years and counting. Where did you get the money to fund for server maintenance, R&D, PR, etc? Now listen I understand that you cannot disclose your profits to us, but I’ve been wondering…where does your money come from? Do you operate this game at a loss? Or do you make just enough money to fund the game via voluntary ads and VIP subscriptions? Asking for a friend here.

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Well… first they use AWS which basically just makes them pay only for what they use.

Anyways i think they barely make profit, people do spend money on the game, but probably only just enough to keep them afloat.

In the end, you should prolly ask them

Also jake, hi i can see you writing a reply


The game is free to play and because of that we have in app purchases and those fund the game.
And to your other question… I never sleep :ghost:
Just kidding but the game servers don’t fall over when I am not hugging them :wink:
Also all the companies in Finland have to declare their turnover and profits and as far as I know everyone can find them.
Yeah we are not millionaires bathing in money like some other companies.
I can also speak only for myself here: I love to do what I do here and that’s why I do it. :wink:


Also the money to develop the game came from our previous games: Tiny Troopers


Happy coffee noises


So TT subsidizes PW nice, now add PW X tiny troopers update