Quite a cool find this morning

Legendary from a bronze chest :grin:

I actually like opening these things and have done pretty well . Rare i get something worth under a hundred

Before this my best/fave was a wishing well …

Doubly cool as have been keeping :eyes: s out for one


Super massive luck :joy::joy::joy:

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I’ve opened so many of these …
You are probably better off spending gems on boosters than this but it’s fun opening stuff you’ve earnt …

I find the silver chests really poor value if opening with gems. … i don’t do it anymore (rarely) I’ve had 10-20 BC items out of them on multiple occasions and nothing more than average Rare items
The bronze chests throw 300-400 BC items at me regularly, why? I don’t know . I’ve started loads of different sets because of what I’ve had from them …

On that

Anyone got any set ideas for the Club of Hydra :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: ??

a Gargemel set from the Smurfs 2 (Idk this looks like the thing he used in the Smurfs 2)