Quitting For Good

I just wanted to say goodbye to those who know me that do not know. For those who know that I have quit months before. Yes I understand I quit then. But at that time I still had intention on coming back eventually. But now when I say it. I mean it. I have already said goodbyes to my closest friends and gave them my stuff. I may be new on this forum. But I was very active on the old forum. I started pixel worlds during the first summer event. Siethy was the one that brought me into the game. We both got addicted to it. Time has passed and many things have changed so with that said I think it’s time for me to go. I also would like to share some of my photos from pixelworlds.

This was my second outfit in the game for a long time. Until I finally was able to get long golden hair. Which was only 12wls at the time.

The one and only time I wore dark pixies. Well second time first time is when pixelworlds got hacked and everyone grabbed a bunch of items. I grabbed a stack of dark pixies. hehe. Good until the rollback. Thanks Qballer for trusting me with your precious wings :slight_smile:

This was the day I competed with Apollyon in Jake’s Battle for the Buffy(robot pet). I lost to his Saber. And he lost to another person that I can’t remember.You can also see siethy in the grey alien suit lol Goodtimes…

level 7 clan
My clan Eternal Souls finally reached level 7.

My Clan Stats when I gave my clan away.

my sets 1
my sets 2

These are the sets I collected over a period of time.

Endless During the 2020 Summer Event.

And finally what I achieved while I did play. Stats from today.

Thank you to the people that were kind to me in this game. I appreciate it. It was nice knowing most of you. Goodbye…


I don’t know you but sad for your quiting and hope u enjoyed the game :sob:

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We never met, but best of luck in your future endeavors. You’ve definitely had quite the accomplishments in-game; be proud of that!


Thank you, and yes I am proud for what I have done. Tried my best :slight_smile: Best of luck to you in the game. Enjoy…

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It’s ok. I did enjoy my time that I did play.


I can tell the time you spent here meant a lot to you. I never had the pleasure of getting to know you, but I wish you good fortune in wherever you go from here.

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Good things can’t last forever, goodb0i :wave:

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Goodbye buddy! Have a good long life.

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Thank you :slight_smile: You were known to me but never chatted.

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Bye Neo, You will be missed like a pain in my side. lol I’m just kidding but have fun and be good.


What an amazing account. It’s sad to hear you’ll be quitting, but I hope whatever path you choose brings you happiness. I love the sets you’ve collected, very cool. I’m glad you enjoyed the time you spent here. Good luck and goodbye :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I appreciate it.

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Man’s already thinking of looting your decayed worlds.

Nothing to loot… and there will be no decayed worlds lol

Dammnn you gave everything away?

So you can’t return to the game?

Yep I am completely done. I gave 80% away of it months ago to my husband and the rest that was left I gave to my closest friends.

My brain just can’t link a Pixel Worlds player and a married person together.

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Well I am 35 so yes my rl husband got most of my stuff and when he quits he will give his away also.

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ :coffee::ok_hand:

bruh… xD… I was just complimenting the progress. They said they gave away their stuff in their original post, and I’m not the type to vulture items off of quitting players. I genuinely don’t want anything from them other for them to live a good life. :slight_smile: