Quitting pixel worlds+face reveal



Noooo don’t quit. We have to make 1000 more sandwiches

Hhaha lol i didn’t expected this when you gmed “Come leave your dares here, i’ll do them on video”

The audio at the end is killing my ears

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yee i accidentally made sound 500% my bad lol my hand slipped

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Me when u didn’t built a trollface

I forgor :skull: (20 characters)

Luckily i was watching this without headphones…

0:56 is my favorite part of the video


i actually got kinda scared my homie will quit…thanks for not (that homie is you) (:

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handsome :heart_eyes::pray::heart_eyes::pray::heart_eyes::pray:

Also are you actually quiting the game?

not really it was just dares xD