Rabia's Backstory

Before Rabia was a moderator, she is a warrior against the demons and a guide for lost souls. She would drive the demon’s minions away and guide the lost through the ‘narrow path’. She had done so well that the Commander of the Light Forces decided to repay her.

One time he called Rabia and he said to her “Rabia, you have done well at guiding the lost and at fighting the demons. As a testament to your diligence, I’ll assign you to fight demons in the pixel world of humans. I’ll make you human and will give you powers humans have not yet seen. I will also give you a comrade and an assistant, to remove your feelings of loneliness.” And just before she said goodbye, she was instantly warped and was immediately in the pixel world of humanity. Thanks to her extraordinary powers and with EkipAli’s help, she became famous and became the moderator of the land.

Pls love this and make this as part of PW lore!