Rampant price fixing and inflation

So is it just me or is the game not awash with money at the moment .

Pricing is still sky rocketing.

Also I’m getting fed up with all this buy it cheap bad relist high…

So many items have again trebled in price!
I thought prices fell after halloween

I feel almost rich yet I can’t afford anything

One example
Yesterday leaf wings were on at 60-70 k
Someone bought the 3 cheapest and put 3 back on at ~120k, I’m even convinced they did a fake buy at said hi price
They have fallen a bit but still 100+k

Just now Leaf Knight Claymore on at 4M.

With a 1,2M sale behind it

Do i really believe someone genuinely paid that much?? Err no… I shout Fake

Oh yeah sold a blue base ball cap for 750 bc … - i was following the price hikes so I put in my own up

Ok it’s a free market and you can’t stop this… Unless you prevented trade

Too many folks trading on the PWE bad doing nothing else.

Aaaaaaaaaaaagh :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

No updates= nothing

I doubt that really can be impacted by the devs without ruining a game’s perspective. It really depends on what the community does, and in this case some items like the Leaf Knight Claymore you named doesn’t have much active owners OR is being massively hoarded by a person making it “fake rise”. Luckily or not, most of the “fake rising” items drop down to approximately their previous, “real”, price in a while.


no byte coins are removed and a breaking duplication is going on