Random set customizer

Machine where u can put items and the machine make u set to use
Rich and something

smh why let a machine make your set when you can make it yourself

Ye but u can add items what u dont have and it do it for ur self and u see how it looks

Don’t understand what the suggestion is about, I’m sorry your English doesn’t really help.

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this sentence gave me permanent brain damage

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Dont bully me im new and i tried my best

ok but can you explain it in a better way tho?

I am not good at english

use a translator then

So if u dont understand dont

Thats good point lol thanks and can i delete my other ideas

That’s the neat part, you can’t.

Is it necessary? Why do you really need it? Add any reasons eysyes

U dont need to buy items to test it u can make it with this machine

All of these are subjective and combination possibilities are basically limitlesS, so it makes no sense.

A general randomizer of some sort would be nice though.

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There is pw tools If you don’t want to waste your bc by buying sets…


Oh yeah, I forgor about that. :skull:

I have a feeling this guys pfp isn’t upside down on purpose.


I cant download pw tools

Tell me all the dress or clothes name, I’ll make it for you… like rn