Range Buffs Required for Certain Weapons

So, I’m pretty new to this game, but I noticed something recently. While most weapons in the game have a range of two blocks, there are a few weapons I’ve seen that, for some reason, only have a range of one block… which makes them extremely unsatisfying to use.

This really sucks in my opinion, as a range of one block makes certain fun looking weapons, such as the flame glove (which is how I found out about this feature) straight up frustrating to have equipped.

In my opinion, all weapons that have a range of one block should have their ranged upped to two, in order to make them less of a hassle to wear, and promote using these nontraditional items as part of ones’ default look.


That would make them pointless. And think about it.
You are punching something with a heavy glove
Can you punch as far as someone swinging a long stick?
No ofc not.

Aside from the golden shortswords that make no sense because you can punch further with gloves

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Pixelians regularly haul around massive weapons with 2 or even 3 range to them, so this doesn’t make sense.
Also having nothing equipped at all, aka bare hands, is still 2 range.


I agree; and also making the Naga tail not slow would be nice LOL


Its called the gum-gum fruit
Every pixelian has eaten it

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I think something better would to make these weapons extremely powerful because they have such a small range


Now that I think about it to make weapons better we could make punching 1 ranged.

Naga tail’s slowing feature is useful when farming, that’s the only reason I bought it.

If you one-hit blocks/trees and move while doing so, you miss some, because you move too fast.

I guess, but there are other items specifically meant to slow you down, too. And snakes are generally fast creatures anyway, to have the naga tail be slow is a little confusing

Then why remove it from naga tail only?

And I think naga tail is the cheapest one at the moment.

imagine if short swords had the base damage of 250…

then you have a reason to get real

Diving shoes

Naga tail makes you quicker in water if i remember correctly