Rare Hair Pack VI picture;

Good evening.
One of the last updates added items from Rare Hair Pack VI and can be seen at PWE in tab Orders.
Thus I do not consider this as a leak but rather just exposure it to those who did not know or notice.
I have cut out and edited all the new hairs I could find into one PNG, enjoy.


Alright i see it!
I see at LEAST 5 hairstyles in there that im interested in, if not 6.
Really excited to get them!
Unsure if im going to replace my hair with those though, but i still want to have them.


i see zenitsu hair, pw going anime huh?

Always has been :sunglasses:


Wow, I can’t believe they are finally going to release a hair that just matches mine in real life lol.
Actually the Brown Curly Sidey Hair is the one that matches my hair the most.

[Hopefully in the future they could release the same hair, but in a darker version, haha]

Oh you can already tell that the dark pop hair is gonna be super coveted.

Good job on the editing.

Why does this look like a karen hair XD