Recipe Book - Achievement Star Bug? ✅

:x: Currently in the new Update: 1.6.3 , there is a new bug :x:
with the Recipe Book, related to the new star Achievement:



500 Recipes:

  • Showing that i have less found recipes on
    the Achievement Star, than i have in the Recipe Book itself. :x:

Hopefully this gets fixed as quick as possible. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not sure if this is intended. It might be that the tier 1 items don’t count.


Yeah it could be that.

Also just added a third picture, the last picture below.

Not a bug. The achievement is to crossbreed 500 new recipes. Tier one items are not made from crossbreeding. They don’t count towards any of the recipe book achievement stars.

Dev already replied to this.

I would just like it to confirmed from the Developers themselves.

Since Tier 1 Items used to progress towards the Achievement back then.

This is of cource not a bug, if it’s new and surposed to be like this. :wink:

  • Is this a bug :grey_question:

Not a bug, the logic hasn’t been changed.

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Thanks for confirming this. :white_check_mark:

:slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Why does it show in my achievements that I only have crossbreeded 300 unique items although I have done all old ones and only new ones that came now with new update are missing?

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It just bugged. Made one new and it was normal again.

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Yeah these extended achievements require an action to update.