Red Candy ( BUYING )

Hello does anyone here selling cheap red candy for 5000bc, I need only 4, I badly need it for my familiar, comment down if you are selling red candy

I’m actually farming for it rn.

The familiar food has weird pricing the value of the ingredients way exceeds the value of the product . I just don’t get it and it’s a lot of work especially as the complexity rises.

You do realise they can be bought with gems instead of ingredients… you just wrench the machine as you would If placing the ingredients
If you have the gems it’s quicker than days of farming… You still have to wait out the brewing time - even that can be reduced or completely got rid of by spending more gems
Good luck

if you want familiar food for gems you will instantly get it without waiting

This was good to know, I assumed you had to buy to speed it up as well - which is what happens when you use ingredients.

Which makes it even more sense to use gems!

I just bought some yellow candies and video rec it. As always I can’t upload the vid. Aaaaaargh I can confirm food was instant with no further gems needed

I have a video converter app but having chosen to convert to every option it has, none of them are compatible. Why won’t this page take mpeg!