Red portal doesn't work sometimes

Title says it all.
When you enter the red portal with others then sometimes it makes you infinity load and takes you to the main menu screen. Sometimes it’s just 1 person who enters the nether and other 2 are loading, other times it’s 2 persons who enter the netherworld and 1 person is infinity loading (this is more common).
To replicate it just open a red portal and enter it and then let others enter it, it happens very rarely and seems to have no relation to anything whatsoever (it just happens).
Happened to me (in-game name: FarmMiner ) at the world: ibuy 18:09 (Finnish time). There was only 3 players in the world and 1 red portal.


Well, this also happens to Secret Base.
In my theory, I think it’s because 2 players entered the portal at the same time. The game’s server couldn’t probably be able to register 2 players entering at once. This is just a theory, however. It does not happen 100% of the time

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