Red rubber boots in byte coin store

There is no current owners of this item like red glasses or golden blonde hair, its just in pwe with no owners whatsoever, jake said something in a stream that he might add red rubber boots, so add them in byte coin store

Others will probably disagree, but I don’t support the idea, what if someone has them? An old player coming back and having those super rare red rubber boots, 1 in-game aswell but then they become available again. Then there will no longer be a red rubber boots mystery.

No actually, they were never released into files, some people think Zak gave them away but he didnt, there was no way to obtain them whatsoever, they were just in game files

For people who think im wrong i made a thread about this Red Rubber boots: The Mystery

if that’s the case, then I support the idea, however some people have claimed for them to exist and one person even said they owned it at one point, so I’m a bit sceptical of that. They could’ve been giveaway’d the same way as the long blonde hair.

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Yeah, there was no way anyone could get them, in 2016 zak gave away 3 items, cc brown, blonde hair, and red glasses, no testimony leads to zak giving away red rubber boots

That old player shouldn’t be acknowledged if they’re gonna hide it away in an account they don’t even use and start whining when they actually put an item to use

1 player having the only item doesn’t mean they should keep it for them forever

I disagree

then you’re greedy

I’m greedy? I will remember that, MaskedMan.

I agree with you.

Unless you are absolutely sure that guy is never coming back to the game, don’t add these items back.


Noone owns them

You only said noone owns the boots, not the other items.

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