Regarding the current situation

Please do try to understand that while the in-game situation isn’t exactly at it’s peak condition at the moment, we are still talking about a game that doesn’t probably even have over ten employees working in it. This isn’t Supercell, after all.

The update has likely taken hold of most of the staff member’s priority due to how much depth it has. It’s practically a game within a game.

I don’t also need to mention the current situation we are facing globally.

Due to Kukouri Games Oy being a Finnish company, vaccines in Finland should be distributed during this summer. Expect the state of the game to improve during that time too.

Let’s all be cautious with any unofficial methods of trades and hope that this situation will remain a memory for us.


They have over 10 employees.

were’nt posting about religion/politics stuff in forums not allowed?

were’nt the moderators supposed to moderate here instead of you?

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i am not tring to moderate nothing, just sayng, no need to be rude.

I wasn’t being rude, I was questioning your actions.

and i was question your actions tho.

it’s all cool until you guys started talking about politics, deleted them.