Remember to do this guys!

Put below where you think it should be, and why!

I’ll start

Its too sick to be an unlimited item, so i think it should be a candy demon item

It’s Turok the wanderer’s sword, it would make sense if it would be available on nether vendor’s shop, because owner of it is Turok the wanderer…

But why would Turok sell his own sword?

And why would he have so many?

Answer is someone stole it from him :smiley:
Candy demon is skemmer

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because sword belongs to him, and it makes more sense if he was the one crafting and selling them.
plus nether would become more active for some time.

tbh there’s no wrong and right answer to this question, it’s up to personal preference i guess.

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But then it would turn out like swift slicer, a highly desirable item, but people do not get because it is unlimited

they can always remove it from there and make it obtainable from nether vendor only during halloween tho

But then they could just make it obtainable from bt

But there has to be set on candy demon, i don’t think they would put whole turok’s set there

Too any BT hackers, I’d prefer an item like this to require skill but not timegated from halloween

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They could add it as a extra item…

They could, but will they…

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maybe because he’s too old to use it and he needs money to get food for his kids

Well he did take an arrow to the knee so i guess it checks out

Plot twist: it needs flaming shard to buy blueprint :smirk: idk why but my brain kept telling this to me might be wrong cuz my brain is Big scammer

This makes no sense, so the candy demon would only give out one?

Hello, here’s a snippet of my thoughts & opinions, hopefully it helps you guys have a clearer mind. I do agree that there’s no right or wrong answer, but we should think what’s better for the game and it’s economy.

im with Fazeus on this one cause nether needs an update.

its not always about being limited, there’s already too many limited items out there.

Halloween already has lots of hype. they should add more non-event items as this game originally was meant for people to be more creative rather than trying to sell their soul for some extra wls.

bt has too many “cheaters”, it’s not the wisest to make it obtainable through blacktower/candydemon.

What if the devs make it so that only one of these swords exist and only the true number 1 hardcore gamer would be able to obtain it :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Better is blueprint i guess. Makes the most sense to be able to make replicas of the nether vendors sword

Same because I doubt realistically, the nether vendor would have multiples of the same weapon so it would make sense to buy the blueprint in order to make a lesser copy of the Blade of Turok and @Fising is right about the flame shard because maybe it can finally have some more significant and important value! :smiley: