Request for Unban

** I know that there is little chance of getting unban, but I will still try**

I’ve been playing pixel world since about 2018, and I liked this game from the first day because of the mechanics and graphics, I was actually doing live with this game almost every day (Twitch torentcaha) until I was banned. I apologize for what I did and for breaking the rules of the game, even though I know it won’t help at all. Sometimes I even thought about becoming part of the community, becoming an influencer or something more. A guy even told me that I have iron eggs if I try to make a request for an unban :slight_smile: , but that doesn’t matter at all. My brother, and many of my friends was attracted to this game by me and They also loves it very much, only they didn’t followed my steps and somehow tried to tell me not to make this mistake. So, I got sanctioned for the hack, many will probably wonder why the hell I’m still trying to take unban, well as I said before, I really like this game and I really want to go back, I’m sorry for what I did, and I really want to live again with my friends. Honestly speaking I have always been against hacks, I received the hack from my friend and he told me that there is no antihack, of course I didn’t accept it at first, but after he showed me what possibilities it gives I decided to use it a few times and then deleted it. After that I took a break and didn’t play for a week, I entered the game completely shocked to see that I was banned for 10 years, but another fact surprised me much more, my friend has not been banned to this day. I really hope that I will return to this game, and that someone will be able to understand me. I wish you all a nice day​:slightly_smiling_face:

sorry friend, you agreed to get banned when you started the game. your ban is perma and cant be recovered, not even a small chance. i used ‘hacks’(turned out to be trojan) at growtopia and got perma ban. and i moved on because it was my fault. now i got scammed half of my networth and i dont feel anything. because it was my fault :smiley: if you want to try your chance of 0 percent to get unbanned you can email support. have a nice day and god bless you.

i would normally say to report him but thats not really cool thing to do to a friend right? :smiley:
btw your ban may be because of duped items. even though its because of it please understand that your account will be reviewed when you email support and they will probably find you hacking.

Yea, i know that. Probably it’s because of the duped items, but anyway I couldn’t do anything with them, I could only have them in the inventory and that’s it, when I tried to drop them I got a kick from the world

well atleast you learned your lesson. next time do not hack :slight_smile:

Can you give me the kukuori support gmail?

Sorry buddy,
You agreed to the rules and the consequences.
I know how much we all love pw, it can be a bit heartbreaking, but it has to be this way.
Also report your friends with an iron heart lmao.