Request of Action

Hello everyone! It has been a while. I am a very old player Snipey, I am certain many of you are aware of who I am. I am writing this post right now because I am honestly saddened by a problem I have recently noticed. The community population has been majorly decreasing. This is due to a variety of reasons and I wish to turn this around. I am currently banned for 167 Days as of writing this because I sold some currency to pay rent because I was almost homeless. Needless to say this was a direct violation of the rules and I deserved to be punished, however through this time I have noticed many community changes and I have had time to self reflect on my actions and that of others and our influence on changes in the community. I am asking for a chance to help turn this around, throughout many points of my “career” in this community I have been a positive member of influence as well as that of the negative side of the spectrum so I understand both positions. I deeply apologize to the staff members for my actions as it goes against your efforts to expand and prolong the game… but to be truthful I mostly want to help because to me Pixel Worlds is more than a game, I have made many friends of which I have met in person through this community and I learned many things and used this application as a method of therapy for myself through rough times in my life. I’m asking to be unbanned early and to be allowed to once again become a positive influencer of the community, I’m not asking for a fancy title or any recognition for this. I only ask to be allowed the chance to bring back a spark and to help with the games current economy of which I understand very well as one of this games most famous traders. I intend to use my reach from that of other games and my media outlets to bring in a new start for us all and new members to build a family with. I have always supported Pixel Worlds and I always will regardless of the results I get from this. I am also willing to devote any of my remaining wealth to making this happen.
Love you all :heart:
Sincerely - Snipey

I would also like to note that I had asked to be banned and turned myself in and resulted in the punishment of a large group of illegal traders.


I can’t condemn you for just trying to stay afloat

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after u get unbanned waht you planning to do go world trade and spam buy rare name worlds for cheap?


No, I will reconnect with friends for a day or two and then start on bringing more players to the game.

If this is the actual reason why you sold stuff I personally would give you another chance but yea its not up to me its up to the devs

i didnt mean to reply to desti lol



It is the legitimate reason, I needed to pay rent and buy some food. I was almost homeless, fortunately about 2 months afterwards I started a new job with good pay.

I was the one who requested to be banned.

how u plan to do that? the game is just repetitive gameplay no wonder people leave the game no way for players to come back if devs don’t get a good update

I intend to create a reward system for players who achieve certain feats of a relative difficulty

Assuming from your profile and instagram… You got kicked out from the military? :thinking:

To be honest, you broke the rules so you should accept the consequences. It would be unfair for the devs to unban people who broke the rules and it would create a lot of problems for them from other people wanting the same treatment.

Also, I don’t see how unbanning you will make the game suddenly hugely more active. My best guess is you just want to be unbanned to make a bit of BlackTower profit.

Also, how do you know so much about whats going on in PW and how active it is if you are supposed to be banned…?


Ohhhh @Death prices got you there :joy: Anything to reply with?

Why do you assume I got kicked out… no I wasn’t kicked out

Because I was advised by two Moderators who are personal friends to continue playing just on an alternate account. And no I really don’t have time for the grindy black tower

Why are you trying to attack me?

lol why i laughed so hard at this

Really sussy, who’s the immodster?


There is no violation or break in rules for them to tell me that.

If you were going to be homeless, shouldn’t the military be paying you a good amount anyway :joy::joy::joy: and bro I ain’t trynna attack you bro. But average pay for US Military soldiers range from an average of $26k-$116k depending on your position.