Requirements for WOTW

How do you post a WOTW? Is there any Requirements?
WOTW THEME > Halloween + Parkour + Storyline with hints.
Budget - 150wls and 10000 BC

There aren’t really any requirments

Back in the old forum there used to be a world showcase subforum where you could post your world but it seems to be missing from the new forum.

There aren’t any real requirements, just make something cool and tell Jake to visit your world while he’s streaming.

The only way to showcase your world is to join at the twitch stream? Is there anything or another way to post so? Don’t have twitch account.

U can watch stream as guest tho but i recommend u to make account.

Yeah, it’s pretty much the only way and there is no way to comment on Twitch without an account, so you’ll have to make one.

Thanks I guess, bet jake won’t see my comment. There should be a sub forum thread for Community submission and admins checking off forums daily.

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Dude he probably will he usually visits most wrote entries

There’s also a Instagram hashtag that he uses, #pwwotw, so maybe you can get it from there if you post it on Instagram.

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Thanks, you are saving me.

Thread Summary:

Q: Is there any requirements for WotW?
A: Not really, you just have to be creative.

Q: How do I submit my world for WotW?
A: By submitting it here (Forums) and making a thread about it or you can make a post about it in Instagram with certain hashtags (#pwwotw as an example)