I just noticed this tonight when I was wandering around active world that had one or two players. I was suddenly given full rights, and it wasn’t until I notice the block I hit started to break apart. Around three to four random players received the same treatment.

I thought, or at least it used to be, that whenever you are given rights, you are prompted with a message as to whether you want to take it or not. Once you’re done with it, you even used to have a way to revoke your given full or minor rights.

This is alarming because this may cause collateral damage when moderators are upholding the rules such as a world dedicated to scam. Moderators will, without doubt, either punish every admin of said world if the world is a dedicated scam world (e.g. drop game world), or put a red flag that will go on one’s account permanently. This could jeopardizes our account standing and as how the community including the moderators perceive our behavior in game. Being falsely tagged without us noticing it is a huge deal for honest players.

I truly wish the moderating team take close attention to this matter that may actually be urgent and issue a hot fix as soon as possible. Thank you!

Let’s hope it’s not too serious.

There has never been any indicator for getting rights. Even the lock icon wasn’t there originally.


Oh, was it only my bad memory mixing some games up? If that’s the case, I’ll go ahead and delete this thread.

I assume you were thinking of Growtopia.

Most likely yeah. All in all, I cannot remove this due to lack of administration power, so I’m sorry for the false alarm. I guess there’s nothing wrong.