Retnos wins the best set + my video

So see here @retnos wins the best set trophy and 100 000 gems @retnos must friend me
Look here
And Also I’m new for YouTube search hasanege200 on YouTube and sub me like videos and comment on videos (:

uhhhh. Wait, who’s the last person wins the best set?
i don’t think it’s new maybe just an old trophy?

also u prob a fan of retnos, BIG FAN i guess

He isn’t a fan, he’s CRAZY MAD obsessively following her. I think this man just opens her activity page and scrolls down deeper than the Mariana Trench and posts something random like “Yes I agree with RetNos” (also he pings her 24/7) or “Yes, RetNos is absolutely right”. Yeah, wow, like one where the topic was “RetNos is cool” and this boi literally thought they were saying she’s cool (though she actually is, not disagreeing), we just meant that she’s okay and alright with being against of the drama I had indulged in (I have to say, I shouldn’t had done such a long argument).

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I don’t really get what you’re saying since im having a bad english

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No it’s good english

I know @tellcode but I learning English sometimes

hey, how old are you ?
(you dont need to answer)

Sorry for being straightforward

  1. You’re not gonna become a moderator, not yet if you continue this behavior
  2. If you admire Retnos, try to keep it to some normal level or else it’ll be both worthless and people will consider it weird

Praise is not going to feel worth when you say it in almost every single post



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Ok I will behave and I don’t continue this behaviour I will be a mod I will don’t continue this behavior

Don’t get your hopes up, lad.
To become a moderator isn’t just to advertise that you’d be a great one, it’s to show that even in the mist dire situations you’re out in, you’ll not lose your temper. To show that you don’t seek attention for your good, for your entertainment, for the feeling that you did something, that you’ve become a moderator, that you’ve accomplished. But in the end, all you can accomplish that way is a feeling of self-respect.
Also RetNos is a moderator and following her at every step won’t do you any good. You don’t need to agree with moderators to be right and vice-versa.

I’m not saying you couldn’t be a moderator or anything, I’m just saying that before you say anything, think that if they let you in as a moderator, some people will think that if they let a guy like you in, anybody could become a moderator.



being a mod wasn’t that easy, you need to be very active and trusted. It can be stressful to be a mod, and also very hard

also you literally said that your first language is english, but you said you are learning english…