Revamping Weapons

I’ve also posted this in discord but i’ll also post it here. I think it would be nice if the weapons have categorizations that have distinctive stats. Here are some of the possible distinctive stats I’ve thought of:

•Lances/Spears - have more base armor piercing or higher crit chance.
•Guns - Most/all will have 3 range.
•Maces/Clubs - Deals light knockback. (Some can have 1 range but maybe compensates with dmg)
•Shields - Has a chance to stun/slow down enemy when hit.
•Hammers - Can deal heavy knockback, high damage but slower hit speed.
•Swords - Balanced weapon stats that can vary.
•Dual Swords - Possibly with lower stats but hit speed increases each time you hit an enemy.
•Scythes - Has higher critical chance.
•Staves - Has higher elemental dmg.
•Everything else - All other weapons that doesn’t seem to fit in these category can be based off of a category that most likely suits them.

Weapon Categorization will have an icon in the info specifying which category it falls in.
What i mean by “higher/more” Is that they’ll have more of that than majority of the weapons from other categories.
They’ll of course each have drawbacks, weaknesses and strengths so that no category is too overpowered. It is also possible that those distinctive stats are only activated while in battle lock areas / PVE so that they can still maybe be usable in normal settings. Some effects might seem useless for PVE but would be good with a PVP update.


I support your idea.


Pretty good idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

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