Road to clan? Or other 🤔

Should i road to clan? I mean peeps telling me a noob is imposible to have lvl 10 clan.
Are collecting mine token a thing and using them?

It’s impossible for anyone to get a lvl 10 clan in under a year unless they play 12 hours a day only getting Xp and gems

Like what orangehairguy has said and you would need to use up like 1 year being a wl earning machine, you certainly won’t feel happy at the process and the payment given (lv 10 clan) is not even great

Lvl 10 isnt about the payment its about history,
An solo noob owning lv 10 clan, Im roading to history.
Other noobs will be inspired by me they gonna road to everything, road to dpix, drac cape and etc.
Pw are full of noobs, if i made history about an noob having lvl 10 clan they will try some successful and some not, the succesful ones will be a pro, and more noobs come to the game they will try again and again the cycle continues.

You do realise that this isn’t possible it will take you 5 years.
Depending on Hmuch u play a day

I did, and now im switching the plans, what if i road to other things

Yeah, do you really wanna waste 5 years to make a clan that’s probably worth nothing irl?

My first road to as a noob was sjp I felt so happy when I had it
Idk how rich you are tho.

My first road is to bamboo sup until i made a new account for it its fishing but cant afford H so fising.

Cuz im so happy E e. Ee. 20 characters

Wow I actually did road to bsup before I got sjp I finished road to 10pl/jorogumo legs 6 months ago now I’m goin for 20

Pfft my network is 10 until i scam a wl and a karma strikes lol i bought halo like 10 when its 1250+, now its 6 lol and i sold it when 5 and i bought pwg and pwg dropped and i sell to ypwr with no helm and to gas mask and to frost crown and kramp horn
Lesson: not to scam lol

Not to scam even a single wl

How just how did that happen you must be trolling

Fact its a fact. Very facts

Well I did get a bsup first but it was not what l aimed. My first road to as a noob was saber and l completed it then for a while l just kept grinding then did road to scythe. I completed it too few weeks ago and now I’m on road to dsb (PS: Just 5pl short).

I thinks his prob trolling

Wait you got scythe a few weeks ago and now your only five pl short of dsb ur a wls makin machine

He buy pl :joy: just a joke

I meant if i sell it also it rose i bought it 830.