Road To Dark Pixie Wings Part 1 - Pixel Worlds

Hey everyone! this will be my first video of road to dark pixie wings basically part 1 so hope you could support me and watch it and let me know what you think and what I should do next!

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Just saw this in my recommendations in youtube wtf

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yoooo that’s great! thanks for letting me know bro

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GrEaT cOnTeNt ReAlLy EnJoYeD WaTcHiNG sOmEoNe FiShiNg
ok seriously i don’t recommend doing this type of content of you just fishing people are just not going watch a 11 min video of you just getting strikes and stuff…


But it’s amazing fishing content. He doesn’t go overboard like other youtubers. It’s just 1 activity.

(Sarcasm) btw

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Bro your gonna have to make this entertaining enough that people won’t stop watching after two seconds

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sorry I will try to do better next time, thanks for the feedback!

This guy claims your totul

Slow typing momento*

Ik when I watched I just skipped to the parts he said something

my friends, and hi were in a vc and we were talking about this too