Rollback ate my items

So this just happened like few minutes ago and I’m so frustrated. I put up my Dark carbonfiber rod for sale on PWE and it was sold for 2,100,000 and when I retrieve the byte coins a rollback happened in my world INSTANTLY. I can’t log in the game for the next 10 minutes or so but when I did my byte coins that i retrieve is not there anymore. I never had any issues with Pixel worlds game system before and even purchased VIP, supporting the game but this, frustrated so much I cried LOL. I spent DAYS grinding for dark stones to redeem dark carbonfiber rod just to disappeared to a stupid rollback. Please fix this issue or do something with it please. If anyone know how can I retrieve back my byte coins or contact game support to atleast give something to compensate my loss pls do I’m really sad and this game is just depressing, Thank you for reading!

This rollback thing is a problem. This needs to be fixed because these things happen. But sadly, you can’t get your items back.

If you did this during the time jake was a dev I would understand but seriously bruh?

I’ve lost a ‘scarlet’ I evolved from scratch myself, and farmed ALL the food to get it there!! (Familiar)
A spirit hammer
An unknown amount of gem bags
70 anniversary 1 cakes

I also wrote to PW support with details on where and whens on some of these, I can’t say for certain exact times. I’m still waiting… nothing

It was the straw that broke the camels back and why I walked away from the game … I now play less and mainly with my alt accounts and can’t get my head around that PW don’t care.

Was very angry , now just sad :cry:

Ok I’m extremely well off these days but this, especially my scarlet was kind of heart breaking.

How Kukouri can take money off players and get away with it I’m not sure.

The reality is the game will die for this reason alone … Either players will just leave in large numbers or some authority will step in and just say enough is enough. It does have a lot of younger players as well and I’m certain they will step in or a rule will change to prevent this happening.

I doubt Google play store would worry about kicking a game that is basically ripping off kids! They are massive and have a brand to protect - good luck with that one Kukouri


I don’t believe for one minute the game is broke (as in no money). If it is then it’s so badly managed it’s a joke. It still has endless potential.

Also it’s hard to know exactly when because unless you tried to go back into the world you might not notice, or you get fed up trying and go and do something else … farming, mining, fishing etc…

The Devs can see if someone has an item - if the player is lieing just ban them for a bit. No one should be trying to take advantage of one of the games misfortunes.

Perhaps the owner(s) could get off their a##s, stop counting their money and do something that shows they are earning it .

As you can read writing this reminder of what happened to my scarlet pet, the gem pouches I spent weeks feeding my two cats to get, and the spirit hammer which I bought just makes my blood boil . The cakes I found I can let those pass (although I should not have to)

If the games Devs think I’m making this up then ban me I’ll walk away from the game. Just like everyone else eventually will.

Put a proper and active community manager in place that actually communicates with the playing community or sell up and let another owner try.