Scam or just unlucky case?

Hello there.
Today happened a really interesting case for me. Someone did a gm asking for the price of Spider legs. And i warped there in hope to answer his question. What i found there was terrible. The guy called “Diablow” had all his stuff dropped under blocked but the WORLD was NOT LOCKED! So I quickly destroyed the block with the 2 Spider legs took them up and locked the world. After this case I had 2 Spider leg + (my own) legs and the world with like 3pl more items. Here i ask you if this is either scam or owner’s fault. Because basically he messed up with not locking the world and making a gm. Anyways the case ended with me returning him the world and making him happy i guess, but I am still interested in:

  1. If it’s against the rules.
    2.What you would’ve done. (write under this post)
    3.If it’s bannable warnable or any kind of threat by the moderators.

Let me know in the comments.Screenshot 2021-01-05 124707


I think it’s a scam.

It isn’t scamming. If you drop an item, the item is no longer yours, unless it is in a world locked by you, out of reach from others.

To be honest, I would have taken 15% of the items’ worth as a reward for saving them and giving them back. It’s only fair.

It’s not punishable, since it was the player’s own mistake.

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Good on you returning them a lot of players wouldn’t have

I’ve saw a same thing long time ago, I think it’s the owner fault for not paying attention to it

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The owner is at fault for not having a world lock in the world. He didn’t follow the simple rules of keeping his items safe. Then he gm’d and still didn’t fix the issue. You would of been safe taking the items. Although taking them would be frowned upon.


You could have banned everyone and could have acted like this world is mine now. Technically it is yours, nothing wrong with that.

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Well,technically it was the owner’s fault for not locking the world, so I wouldn’t consider it a scam.
However, since it was locked by you, it was up to you to return them back. I’m glad you did it so. (:

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Not scam since it’s technically dropped and could be taken by anyone
So you are not really obligated to return it

Honestly should have just kept the items, his fault.

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Some of you are saying that if you drop an item, it is not your item anymore. You could say the exact same thing in a drop game. If anyone could clarify that would be great

Hosting a drop game is illegal so that items being taken is avoided

Difference is
in the case here, it his/her own mistake and 2nd party didn’t say nor do anything to make him/her drop

In drop game you are provoked and tempted to drop to win by a 2nd party who has rights or own the world

He didn’t lock world and did a gm so his fault yea.

give me one I want the god damn blood halo

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It’s his fault for not locking the world but it doesn’t mean that you can take his stuff just because he didn’t lock the world, you should give it back to him and he will decide what he’s going to do, and if moderator look at the situation, most likely the moderator will press you to give his items back, or maybe in rare cases just share 50/50 of the stuff value between you and him or something like that.

No, moderators would not do anything but encourage.

I would be dumb enough to give them back.

I have had a similar situation happen to me but I was the owner. I was selling some fishing gems and forgot to lock the world. I went to buygear and tried to sell them and found a buyer. I told them the world name and we both entered the world. When we entered the world he punched a block and my heart dropped when it had the punched effect so I quickly locked the world and the guy had the nerve to call me a scammer. It was kinda funny