Scammed by my own clan?

(Just to clarify, I am NOT NAMING AND SHAMING HERE.)

But would it be worthy to send a scam report to support over this?

Basically, I am in a level 6 clan, and each member in it has their own “locker room”. Basically, a SL’ed room with a provided quantum safe in it.

However, I took a break from PW (announcing it in the chat prior), and when I came back, the owner revoked access to the SL for me, making me completely lose access to the items I store there. No matter what I say in the chat, the lock is still red and it still says “Access Denied!” when I try to wrench the safe.

(of course, provided a moderator/admin was in the clan, they would just switch on the admin panel, turn on lock bypasser and claim their items back. However, not EVERYBODY has access to an admin/mod login.)

Maybe don’t take breaks :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, but I don’t see much hope for this case. Unless you have really good evidence.

This isn’t scamming if your clan wants you to be active and contribute. It’s ok to take breaks every once in a while, so next time take the items out.

Why would you put your stuff in a clan world in the first place tho