Scamming methods used by scammers

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I’m Samurai.
There’s alot of victims that got scammed recently and most of us know how to not get scammed but new ways keeps on coming.
The main and classic reason in my opinion why people get scammed is because few of the players who are victims of this are below the age of 10 and 13.

And few of us are 13+ . We basically spread the message don’t we?
But we don’t know still a method to defend the kids playing the age below 10<
This is simply because the method all scammers use is trying to build a friendship with their victim their gonna scam. Most kids who are below the age of 10 don’t know this but there are 2 types of scamming:

  1. building friendship.
  2. Forcefully scamming with fake promises.

The main thing is dropout games are mainly used by scammers but there’s more scamming techniques.
Before that please do know this is not a post that promotes scamming.

This post is for showing the basic techniques most scammers use and to be warned with their techniques so that most of you all don’t fall for it,

  1. Most people use this technique that is trying to build friendships and then asking them for testing their items for “fun”.

  2. Online dating technique used by scammers. Most of you might not know but this online dating technique is just like gold-digging when a player meets someone that’s rich or so, they’ll try to bring them to a relationship in game. Then they’ll beg for items that they want. After that they’ll instandly unfriend you and scam you on spot.

  3. Phishing: Most people fall for this where they tell the players that their account is going to be terminated for false reasons or even they’ll tell someone else was in their account and to email a specific person with their password of their account.
    This is one of the most dangerous and confusing scamming method.
    People gets confused with such scammings because most of their emails are similar to the normal Pixel worlds support email.

One way to not fall for this is go directly to the pixel worlds support and get the email from there.

  1. Promising for giving the item back: Lets say someone asked you to give them 10 world locks and you gave them but there’s no garrantee that they’ll give it to you back. Thats the “Promising for giving the item back” scam.

  2. Dropping the items: Dropping the items more like drop games and the ghost hack.
    Recently in December/November of 2020 The ghost hack got popular and people who fell for this had lost many items. If your trying to drop the item or like if ur in your shop dropping the item then placing block for security please don’t do it. Its more secure and safe to put it in a display case. You can get 10 display cases for 1 wl.

That is all, Thanks for reading please do comment and like.

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This applies better to Growtoupia.

Mhm, Even for pixel worlds most players fall for these methods used by scammers.

Thanks for the tips, now I can scam more people



This type of scam is kind of silly, usually people never get scammed by this cuz the gold digger probably already show signs of well, gold digging

Yeah, the main reason why games need more mature audience/players are because most kids or teens sometimes have lesser experience and probably get angry of being scammed eventhough it’s just an in-game item

Thanks for the advice, this can help me add more to my guides in PW Steam community.

No worries glad it helped you

I’d agree, but that’s really just because the community is larger, and as a result, there’s a higher chance that you’ll encounter wrongdoing.

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