Scarf - Against Wings

Possibly the most underrated item, because unlike Amulets, they can’t be wore with wings, which makes it a bit too much of a hassle to make a stylish set with a scarf which i’m trying to do, so what do you guys think? Should scarfs be able to be worn the same time with wings or not?

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Yes. I agree with this though, the wings were coded in a way so that they could take up the neck item slot as well, which would probably take long for the devs to code in considering how many scarves and wings there are in the game.

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I also don’t get why scarves are the only ones we couldn’t wear with wings when they serve the same purpose with other neck items.

There is only about 2 scarves you can not wear with wings [green and red scarf]. As for the rest, they CAN be worn together. Not sure about the Irish scarf.


Oh, that’s weird… :thinking:


All scarf should be a neck item, (dosent remove the wings)

I find it weird ngl, it doesn’t make sense. Like since when did scarfs become into a back item…

(always wanted to use red scarf on my set, but my wings gets removed)

I remember telling this to an admin like 2 years ago and they told me the scarf and wings are both in the same slot therefore you can’t wear it with wings at the same time. I don’t remember the full explanation anymore but I believe it’s gonna be impossible/difficult to make it happen.