Scifi_test for wotw?

Owner: Ringo_Lad
It’s a Scifi/alien themed parkour with an interesting story


I worked really hard on it and it would mean so much to me for it to win Wotw because I have never won one before

It’s a pretty cool design but…

what in the world is happening up there?

Visit the world and complete parkour before start hate the world. That planet is awesome.

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The explanation for that part contains spoilers for world’s story but anyway:

Basically the world is about a human that is tested on by aliens and escapes (bottom half of world) and then gets an army to defeat the aliens (the top part that you were talking about)

Hope that answers your question

Did i hate the world? I don’t think I said “I hate the world” on my reply.

( + I kinda quit the game so I don’t really play it.)

I don’t wanna make up a drama here, just to fix the misunderstanding, the design is awesome, but i only have no idea what’s happening up there, not hate.

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What If you play the world and find out? :smirk:
I would much appreciate it

I don’t know, I have school final exam next next week so, I don’t have much time for it

Very creative world with interesting lore!

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Thanks glad you liked it