Seasonal event suggestions!

My friend and i have been discussing alot about some of the pw features and updates, and thought that some of the seasonal events could do with some re-tweaks, due to some of them feeling a little too bland and feels more like an update filler. So we decided to make some update suggestions that could make these seasonal events more exciting!

1.) Valentine’s day event :
Since valentine’s day is a more social type of event in real life, maybe we can have something that involves that. We’re thinking something like a valentine’s partner, where a player gets to choose another player to be their partner. When partners are in the same world, they both get a buff. This buff will give them some great bonuses when doing certain activities, such as :
-More gems when breaking blocks,
-Faster fish strike and easier control in fishing,
-Better loot in secretbase, etc.

This could potentially make valentine’s day an event that will help players prepare for the other seasonal events that comes later in the year.

Or alternatively, we can have a valentine’s dungeon where players need to solve wiring puzzles withing a set amount of time.

2.) Easter event :
We thought it would be cool if we could have a proper egg hunt. With the addition of the darkness orb, maybe we can have a proper egg hunting world/dungeon where players need to find various different eggs in the dark within a limited amount of time. Inside the dungeon, we can get certain power ups such as time bonus to increase the timer and extra life if you die to traps.

These eggs can then be used as crafting materials to craft special easter items.
The special crafting items will also change every year just like blacktower.

3.) Xmas event :
For christmas we thought we could have an evil santa maze! It can be a coop or solo dungeon that requires the player(s) to go through a dark maze while trying to find crafting ingredients to craft special christmas items! Players will also need to avoid monster attacks, similar to nether.
But there’s a twist!
These monsters are actually INVINCIBLE unlike nether monsters, so we need to multitask by finding the ingredients and also the exit, while dodging all of the monsters! We can also make these monsters unable to see players through blocks and can lose track of the players if they go far enough from the monster!

Since we had quite a few of these dungeon type suggestions, we were thinking of changing things up a little bit. Instead of using gems, players will need to log in everyday to get free tickets or maybe have daily quests for players to finish and get tickets in order to play the dungeon!
The reason is so that the dungeons will be much more skill based and noob friendly, and that players will all have even playing grounds.

We hope you enjoy our update suggestions! Of course these updates comes with alot of flaws, so there’s a lot of balancing that needs a bit more thought, but this is just the gist of it.
Please let us know how you think about this update suggestions, because we would LOVE to hear your feedback!

Credits goes to : NotTada & Sweetheart


Valentine’s event Sounds weird bcuz i think like 80% of pw players doesnt have A gf in game.
Onlie one who i know who has gf in game is MrKiritoo

its making me lonely :sob:, if this happens then ill have to ‘‘partner’’ a boy-n0

i like that.

invinsible mobs? i might die off before entering the world. shouldve made it killable. and the ticket thing is very dope i can say.

rating: 8.5/10
and oh, welcome to the forunms.

We are also both single lol. Don’t get the wrong idea, by partners we just meant friends in general. We don’t expect you to actually have a girl/boyfriend that plays the game in order to enjoy it, we just wanted players to be encouraged to do social activities!


Since i’ve talked about the valentine’s thing, i’m just gonna talk about the xmas dungeon.
We were thinking of something like a pretty slow moving mob that can only attack players by touching them, similar to how the flame flyers and flame jumpers work, so that they’d be easier to dodge while still opposing some threat.
Also, thanks! Glad to be here and glad you liked our post! :slight_smile:


if this exists, ill definately try this after logging in. very curious!

yea no this ruined the jet update for me because the limit is just stupid and a waste of time

Egg hunt would be cool. What if in winter you would get to be a santa and deliver presents to someone? Someone like a little pixelian or something…?

True, the way that jetrace stalled players from playing alot just so we need to keep coming back is pretty cheesy. But i do think that if they give out FREE tickets everyday it would be alright since we don’t lose anything for losing. The point is to differenciate these dungeons with blacktower. Instead of grinding hours and using tons of gems, maybe we could do the dungeons for free but with some sort of limitation, so that everyone can enjoy the event without worrying to prepare for gems, since we have the boosters already.
Ty for the feedback!

If you checked commander_k’s instagram he actually did that himself! But i don’t think we need an actual santa, since we have the xmas calendar rewards already that gives players free stuff everyday.

by little pixelians I mean npcs but not the shopkeeper

yea having a limit is just bull since i don’t want to waste time then having to wait for the next day to do it again the tickets everyday is just another limit because that’s a few tickets everyday and it’s not constantly letting you keep going

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It’s the opposite, really. You only get a few tickets so that you DON’T have to waste time and grind hours all day everyday. With only 3 tickets for example, given to you per day, you consistently get tickets everyday and only need to do 30 minutes worth of runs per day max, cuz as someone that is a fan of blacktower, finishing 999 blacktowers is REALLY boring, especially if you don’t get any good loot out of it. While in this case, you’ll be able to purchase the special items for only a few runs.
Atleast that’s what me and Sweetheart had in mind. Like i said these updates still needs alot of balancing. The point is that we want these events to atleast have their own unique selling points, instead of the same old boosters. But ty for the feedback :smiley:

a lot of people don’t do stuff in one sitting but that still doesn’t mean we should be limited from doing something limited time stuff i understand but it being something that stay’s and it being locked after a few tries makes it seem pointless as you have to do your best to perfect it to get the most of it since you can get one shot by one small mistake costing you one attempt and some tokens

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Of course! That’s why we were thinking about practice runs similar to the jetrace or something. That way we get to practice and get the most out of the tickets. Also since it’s techincally free, you don’t really lose anything. The limited attempts is there to simply add value to the items, rewarding skilled players for their skills. Cuz if we could just brute force our way and just grind all the time, it will make it less valuable, cuz unlike blacktower, these dungeons give crafting ingredients which means people gets to choose which item they want to craft, and not having to worry about luck. Essentially we just want each win to FEEL rewarding, instead of “Yep, i finished it. Time to win 900 more times i guess”.
I deffinetly agree with you on alot of stuff there, but i thought it wouldn’t hurt to suggest a different type of event. Some people might dislike it but atleast it’s a different way to enjoy the game :slight_smile:

yea its a good suggestion but it was only the limit part since if people like something a lot they would want to keep doing it a lot of times or to at least get something new in a short amount of time without having to perfect everything and can mess up